Bradford Respite Intermediate Care Support Service (BRICSS) was established to address the complex medical and social care needs of homeless people being discharged from hospital and prevent the ‘revolving door’ of admissions.

BRICSS developed as a partnership between Horton Housing Association and BHC. In December 2013 our 14-bed unit opened for homeless patients with continuing healthcare needs on hospital discharge. We aim for a 12 weeks placement in BRICSS.

Patients are referred by a hospital based Pathway Team. Medical aims and outcomes are set on a detailed management plan which supports timely move on to the correct accommodation.

Clinical, social and housing practitioners provide integrated healthcare and social support. Our BRICSS health team has evolved in response to need, comprising GP, mental health / substance misuse nurse and physical health nurse.

Six representative case studies were evaluated in detail by YHEC. The management of these patients’ health needs through intermediate care was estimated to reduce average secondary care costs for each from £46,800 to £11,000. The average cost of a BRICSS stay including primary care was £5,633.

Quarterly client outcome monitoring data demonstrates a high proportion of patients reporting better physical and mental health and marked reduction in hospital admissions in the 90 day period post BRICSS compared with the same period pre BRICSS stay.