Thanks for being a

Vaccination Hero


By getting vaccinated you are keeping yourself and others safe.

Don’t forget to continue with the standard precautions to avoid infection.




The team who has vaccinated you today is working very hard to reach people who need vaccination most in our community. We’d really appreciate your help with this effort.

You can continue to be a Vaccination Hero by helping us to reach others who may be hesitant about the vaccination?

This includes your family, friends and neighbours. If you have had a good experience today you may be able to encourage others to keep safe by following your lead.

You could take a selfie to show your vaccination card and share it on social media mentioning Bevan Healthcare:




Use one or both of these hashtags in your post

#VaccinateAgainstCovid #StrongerTogether

Tell your friends and family about your positive experience of getting the vaccine and share these simple vaccine facts:

*  It will reduce you chances of getting ill from Covid 19

*  It will reduce the spread of Covid 19 in your community and help us all get back to a more normal life with less restrictions.

*  It has been through rigorous clinical trials to the same standard as all previous vaccines you may have had*  It does not contain any animal products

*  It does not impact on fertility