Gina Rowlands Managing Director

One Year On: Lockdown Statement from MD

One Year On: Managing Director, Gina Rowlands addresses the Bevan Healthcare Team

Today it is exactly one year since the first lockdown was announced by the Prime Minister. Driving to work the following morning I can remember thinking what are we going do? How are we going to do what is required without any guidance and a complete lack of information; except for ‘stay at home’

In reality, we had known as healthcare professionals and as an organisation since the end of January that we were dealing with a virus that would have far reaching consequences, but none of us anticipated how impactful it would be on our professional and personal lives.

When we left the Pathway conference at the beginning of March 2020 and after hearing Dr Andrew Hayward and Dr Al Storey speak we knew that we had to protect our communities in anyway could. There was so much uncertainty and fear.

  • We didn’t know who would get sick or die
  • We didn’t know if we would get sick or die
  • We didn’t have PPE
  • We didn’t have Tests

But what we did do and have continued to do is the right thing at the right time for our patients despite the challenges and obstacles.

You have all being amazing. Your tenacity, resilience, response and support of each other is humbling to see and bear witness to. You must never underestimate your impact, the evidence is clear to see in the way that our community has been supported and cared for. We have kept people safe, well and alive.

Bevan Healthcare has been recognised locally and nationally for how we have flexed and functioned throughout the pandemic and how we have continued to innovate and deliver services.

So, even though today is a day for reflection we will continue to move forward with a positive attitude and look to the future with optimism. Be proud of yourself and your unique contribution in extraordinary times.

Onwards and upwards

Best wishes


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