Digital Inclusion Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunity at Bevan

Bevan Healthcare are seeking volunteers based in Leeds or Bradford who have lived experience of some of the issues faced by Bevan patients. These include homelessness, living in insecure accommodation or those who have experienced being a vulnerable asylum seeker or refugee.

The volunteers will join the SHIPS project as Bevan Healthcare Peer Advocates and will be trained to help patients overcome barriers to accessing healthcare, specifically those related to digital exclusion.

The programme uses the Groundswell model of Peer Advocacy and volunteers will have a strong focus on supporting people to upskill digitally and will receive ongoing training, support and technology to enable them to effectively do this.

Volunteers will benefit form:

  • Comprehensive initial and ongoing training in a range of skills such as advocacy, boundaries, confidentiality and homeless health.
  • Progression support in line with the Groundswell model to help them to achieve their aspirations to move on from volunteering into employment or training.
  • Clinical supervision and reflective practice delivered on a monthly basis.
  • Develop skills and confidence through direct experience of supporting people.

Commenting on the programme a recent Peer Advocate said,

“I hope to get a job out of what I am doing now. So, I am passionate about helping people. And I like my team…….And I really hope to be able to maybe inspire people, like homeless people who think oh I can’t do it. And then maybe they will see me and go ‘oh they were homeless too, maybe I can do it’.”

To find out how you can get involved in the programme or for more information please email


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